Duality: the new line of 1:6 scale dolls

Dear Friends,
I am thrilled to announce that our long-awaited line of 1:6 dolls is finally here.
The new dolls are 30/31 cm girls and boys, sharing the same face molds for both genders, representing the concept of Duality.

I am happy to present you the first couple of this line: Friede and Friedrik.

Friede and Friedrik are limited edition porcelain ball jointed dolls. They have removable wigs made of natural mohair. Outfits are made of hand-dyed silk and cotton, shoes are made of leather. Friede is 30 cm tall, and Friedrik is 31 cm tall. Both dolls have 18 points of articulation.
The dolls are made entirely by hand using only traditional technologies.
Friede and Friedrik are available for purchase: